on Daphne Xu's Huahua's Dazzling World and its Myriad Temptations (2022) and Wenqian Zhang’s A Long Journey Home (2022), and on tradition and modernity.
On David Easteal's The Plains (2022), and on the car as a container of stories.
On Marnie Ellen Hertzler's Crestone (2020) and Yuri Ancarani's Atlantide (2021), and on male society and group sociality.
On Yoichiro Okutani's Odoriko (2020), and on simple, patient observation.
On Summer (2021) and Winter (2021) by Vadim Kostrov, and on making films about climate and season.
On Wang Qiong’s All About My Sisters (2021), and on asking tough questions that have no easy answers.
On Jordan Lord's Shared Resources (2021), and on the process of making a film about the family.